It is Not a Death Sentence


Sadly, more FIV+ cats die from being euthanized at shelters due to the stigma of the virus and being considered “unadoptable”, than actually die from the virus itself. Hopefully by dispelling these myths, more FIV + cats will have a chance to find loving homes and families to share their lives with.

What To Do & Know If You Get Bit


If you get bit by a dog, you may forget to take notice of some key details in the heat of the moment. Jim Crosby, a world-renowned canine aggression specialist, explains what should be documented, photographed, and check to make sure both you and the dog are safe.

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ACCT Philly

New Leash on Life USA is a new generation prison dog-training program that saves the lives of shelter dogs by training and socializing them to enhance their adoptability while helping inmates learn to train and care for dogs. With New Leash on Life USA, dogs live in the cell blocks with their inmate trainers 24/7, making New Leash dogs highly desirable for adoption and ensuring the long-term success for both humans and canines.

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