Benefits of Tricks Classes for High Energy Dogs

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There are many ways to control young, highly energetic dogs with activities such as swimming, fetch and puzzle solving. For smart dogs willing to learn more and use this energy in a constructive way, tricks class is a fun solution. It can tire them out but also keep them highly engaged. From activities such as learning to catch a tennis ball to finding a treat hidden under cups, you will learn what motivates your dog and bond with him even more!

Serving Those Who Serve Our Country


A huge snowstorm is barreling down on PA, so a homeless veteran named Anthony checked himself into the VA to seek medical help and shelter from the cold. However, his 12-year-old female Pit Bull Sheba could not come along, and had nowhere else to go. In comes PACT to the rescue.

Snowshoe Shakedown


Snowshoe cats tend to have more rounded faces (heads can be triangular or apple-head) and more rounded ears than today’s angular Siamese. Snowshoes are quiet, calm and sweet. Like their Siamese relatives, Snowshoes are intelligent and talkative.

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